Proof-reading – we aim for perfection

Two heads are better than one, or rather, four eyes see more than two – we are happy to proof-read your customer correspondence, product descriptions and catalogues to help you ensure the best possible presentation for your product. Typos and auto-corrections happen quickly and are easily (and often) overlooked. The devil is in the detail – so use our service and let a professional check over your texts with a fresh pair of eyes!

We love perfection!

Customer correspondence & advertising concepts for an international market

You know the feeling: you have developed a fantastic advertising concept for the German-speaking market and you’re receiving glowing feedback – but the translation just isn’t captivating your international customers? With our support, you can be sure your marketing concepts will be effective, whatever the language.

In many cases, your employees will be working with the target languages in your company. It can therefore be very tempting to simply pass on texts to these employees to translate. However, this raises the question of whether employees are linguistically qualified to produce a seamless translation and whether this extra workload perhaps causes the quality of the translated text to suffer, for example when there is already a lot to do and the translation is just rushed before home time. To help you make the right decision, we have created a checklist of when it pays to get a professional involved.

We are also happy to help you with the development of slogans and advertising concepts. Our seminar rooms at our Learning Centre are perfectly suited to this, or we can come to you to create effective concepts – together.