AHA!’s Philosophy

We don’t just speak languages, we live and breathe them – and we strive to share this passion with others. Here at AHA!, we love languages, whether it’s our mother tongues or our foreign languages. We want to inspire others and ignite that same fire for foreign languages and cultures that burns in our hearts.

Our Principles

#1 Learning languages should be fun – for learners and tutors alike

Learning is a social experience: we come together and exchange information, learn together and interact with each other on so many levels. It is important to us that this happens in a welcoming environment in which everybody feels comfortable and has a positive attitude, as this aids successful learning.

#2 Learning and communicating

Using new language skills is paramount. That’s why our courses have individual focuses, so that learners gain the skills they need, for work or play. Using the newly learnt language correctly in practice creates a sense of achievement and is a huge motivation boost, so you want to keep on learning.

#3 You never stop learning

Lifelong learning, for our course participants as well as our tutors, comes first here at AHA!. We don’t just want to foster the potential of learners of all ages, we as tutors and trainers also never stop learning and are constantly educating ourselves further. Even our course programme is dynamic, changing constantly as course content is revised and adapted to reflect gratefully received learner feedback. We strive to be better – together with our partners.

#4 Language and culture are inextricably linked

Learning a new language isn’t just about learning grammar and vocabulary. We always try to also give insights into the culture, history and society and to spark learners’ interest in the country and its people. Learning and using a language is always a sign of respect and appreciation for its speakers, which is why we at AHA! try to fill learners with enthusiasm for the respective culture, music, history and, of course, people.

#5 Social and sustainable

We are conscious of our responsibility – we design our classes so that they are inclusive. We are aware that we are priviliged to live in a peaceful, stable and social country, which is also why social projects lie close to our heart. We want to do our bit for a better society and for the conservation of resources. Therefore, it’s important that our courses are environmentally friendly and resource-efficient, which is why we use various digital media to save paper for example. This includes digital flipcharts and the provision of drinking water to avoid unnecessary bottles and cans. We want to do our bit to protect our environment.