Train your employees effectively and efficiently

Take advantage of the expertise of our language experts and train your employees effectively and efficiently. In all our trainings we provide specialized knowledge. In that way your employees learn exactly what they need for daily business.

Language courses for companies & transport agencies

The participants of our beginner courses are able to communicate the basics with their business partners in their new foreign language only after 3 month of studying with us! This is possible due to the focus on business topics. All our trainers have experience in the transport sector and/or have conclued a special training for this sector. Therefore, they are skilled to teach your employees exactly what they need for the daily business in transport and logistics.

Advanced learners: As well as with our beginners courses, the focus is on business communications and applying the knowledge in daily life.

Take advantage of our knowledge after working more than 13 years in the transport sector and more than 6 years teaching languages and sales.

Communication and sales trainings

Not only do we teach your employees, but also do we introduce them to giving arguments, reason and explain the advantages and showing the client the benefits of a cooperation. Our trainings focus on the areas of question tecniques, conversation strategies and convincing with arguments.

Our offer includes trainings of many different areas:

  • Talking on the phone
  • Convincing with benefits and negotiating freight rates
  • What to do in case of claims?
  • How to deal with price requests
  • Acquisition – nothing to be afraid of